Impact of Giving

Whether you support qualified students through need-based scholarships, research that leads to life-saving cancer treatments, or the construction of world-class facilities like the G. Wayne Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons, your gift is making a real difference in the lives of real people.

“I believe in investing in people, in the intersection of technology and business, and in Georgia Tech. My intent is to benefit bright students, women athletes, and future Tech entrepreneurs.”

"Jim Pope’s fellowship program will allow us to attract the best of our faculty and train them in entrepreneurial methodologies and curriculum.”

"This is a particularly exciting gift, as it will impact the areas of health and medicine in ISyE and BME, expanding the level of expertise and creating an increased synergy between the two disciplines.”

“When we established the first scholarships, we thought they would capture all qualified candidates — and objectively, they have — but this past year, with the reality of systemic racism so apparent, we wanted to do something more focused.”

“Endowed chairs are foundational to building a strong faculty.”

“I think this new scholarship will open some doors, and I hope it will allow more students from Puerto Rico to attend Georgia Tech.”

“This latest commitment will provide additional annual strategic revenue for both programs to recruit and develop student-athletes who will compete for ACC and national championships.”

“To get great players, you need great facilities. A few years ago, the baseball facilities were upgraded, and with Phase 2, our facilities will rival any school in the ACC.”  

“We are building a pipeline for women in STEM, and that pipeline starts in academia.”

“[I want] to give someone else the opportunity that I was given 20 years ago. I think that’s the American dream — not a house and a 30-year mortgage, but getting an education that gives you opportunities to advance and have a great life.”

"CREATE-X “is a competitive advantage that will benefit Tech, Georgia, and the nation.”

“Knowing that I’m doing something that really changes and improves lives, and to have Coffee kids graduating from Georgia Tech with a degree that, depending on their own initiative and opportunity, can go anywhere and do anything — debt free — that is hugely rewarding to me.”

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