Impact of Giving

Whether you support qualified students through need-based scholarships, research that leads to life-saving cancer treatments, or the construction of world-class facilities like the G. Wayne Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons, your gift is making a real difference in the lives of real people.

“I believe in investing in people, in the intersection of technology and business, and in Georgia Tech. My intent is to benefit bright students, women athletes, and future Tech entrepreneurs.”

“We are grateful to be able to help shape the future of this life-changing cardiology research and the development of better heart valves.”

"Jim Pope’s fellowship program will allow us to attract the best of our faculty and train them in entrepreneurial methodologies and curriculum.”

"This is a particularly exciting gift, as it will impact the areas of health and medicine in ISyE and BME, expanding the level of expertise and creating an increased synergy between the two disciplines.”

“When we established the first scholarships, we thought they would capture all qualified candidates — and objectively, they have — but this past year, with the reality of systemic racism so apparent, we wanted to do something more focused.”

“Endowed chairs are foundational to building a strong faculty.”

“This latest commitment will provide additional annual strategic revenue for both programs to recruit and develop student-athletes who will compete for ACC and national championships.”

“I think this new scholarship will open some doors, and I hope it will allow more students from Puerto Rico to attend Georgia Tech.”

“To get great players, you need great facilities. A few years ago, the baseball facilities were upgraded, and with Phase 2, our facilities will rival any school in the ACC.”  

“We are building a pipeline for women in STEM, and that pipeline starts in academia.”

“[I want] to give someone else the opportunity that I was given 20 years ago. I think that’s the American dream — not a house and a 30-year mortgage, but getting an education that gives you opportunities to advance and have a great life.”

"CREATE-X “is a competitive advantage that will benefit Tech, Georgia, and the nation.”

“Knowing that I’m doing something that really changes and improves lives, and to have Coffee kids graduating from Georgia Tech with a degree that, depending on their own initiative and opportunity, can go anywhere and do anything — debt free — that is hugely rewarding to me.”

The G.P. “Bud” Peterson and Valerie H. Peterson Scholarship Endowment Fund will be awarded to undergraduate students who are U.S. citizens with demonstrated financial need.

“The overarching goal is to provide up to $10 million in additional permanent endowment for support of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. This infusion of support “will enable the School to be even more successful in retaining and recruiting exceptional faculty at mid- and senior-career level.”

“A little extra help for some of our students can make a world of difference. We are delighted that these families have a vision to provide much-needed support for the most vulnerable members of our student body so that they, too, can thrive and become outstanding Georgia Tech graduates equipped to do great things.”

“We are excited about the impact these new facilities will have on the students, faculty, programs, and reputation of the Scheller College and the Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering.”

“This family’s support can be seen and felt in the experiences of our students who benefit from various scholarships and fellowships, and through the impact of our faculty, made possible because of the generosity of Bill and Penny George.”

A renovated Edge Center will serve as home base for Georgia Tech Athletics, providing student-athletes with the latest in sports medicine, nutrition, and academic support.

Georgia Tech faculty are actively working on a range of efforts to support the state and federal government in responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

The Division of Student Life, the Alumni Association, and the Office of Development are partnering to collect and distribute emergency funding to support students in need.

“Graduate fellowships make all the difference in a research university’s ability to recruit the most promising graduate students, which is a major factor in improved rankings among comparable schools.”

“The Clark Scholars Program will have a huge impact on the College of Engineering’s ability to attract the brightest young minds.”

An anonymous donor pledged a $30 million gift designated for student entrepreneurship at Georgia Tech.

Students from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands whose families have been affected by the hurricanes may apply for temporary support through this fund. Criteria will be determined by the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid in accordance with financial aid guidelines, and priority will be given to students who are farthest along in the pursuit of their degrees.

"Through the Renewable Bioproducts Institute, we will maximize Georgia Tech's and the state of Georgia's strengths in sustainability and innovation to develop real-world applications and continue to educate future generations of leadership in the forest bioproducts industry."

“There is so much we need to do: find cures for cancer, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. We hope that our gift will help propel Tech to a global leadership role in solving the most difficult human engineering problems that affect us all.”

"The facility will integrate biosciences, bioengineering, and biotechnology with the goal of dramatically improving the human condition. These donors are giving the gift of hope on a grand scale."

"The Pratt & Whitney Professorship will enable further discoveries in the field of materials that impact our lives, with improved sensor technology, novel manufacturing materials, and new structural designs."

"I am honored to partner with the institution that means so much to me, while it aims to ensure generations of aspiring architects have a world-class educational foundation on which to build their dreams, contribute to the field, and improve the lives of people everywhere."

To facilitate philanthropy among Tech alumni, parents, and friends in China, the Institute has created the Georgia Tech China Foundation.

"Our goal should be that anybody who is admitted to Georgia Tech and wants to attend can do so without undue financial burden."

"The world of academia is a competitive place, and recruiting and retaining world-class faculty is reliant upon our ability to make critical investments in their work through endowed chairs and professorships. Growing these investments is vital to the academic enterprise and allows Georgia Tech faculty to continue to push the limits in their respective fields."

The Southern Company Dean's Chair will be dedicated to the incumbent dean, enhancing the College's ability to attract and retain eminent faculty to this senior position of academic leadership.

"On behalf of our lab, our collaborators, and most importantly all the patients that may benefit from this therapy, I am deeply grateful to The Marcus Foundation for their vision and commitment to accelerate the development of our research so it can reach patients faster than it would have otherwise."

"Through these awards to Tech scholars, ARCS Foundation is not only investing in their future, but in the future of Georgia Tech, the nation, and the world."

"I'm now on the way to reaching my dream of going to law school and becoming a patent lawyer. I think I still would have had the determination to become successful, but Tech Promise has allowed me to do it much faster and at one of the best universities in the country."

"Endowed faculty chairs and professorships are an invaluable way to publicly acknowledge and reward the research and teaching contributions from our best faculty."

"The program has been on the upswing over the past several years, and I wanted to do my part to help make sure that continues."

"Innovation and design, that's where you make things happen. Tech is filled with students who have that capability, and it hasn't been used to its full potential. But that's where the big breakthroughs occur."

"I'm looking forward to developing new skill sets to complement my engineering and entrepreneurial skills,.

"This generous bequest from Violet Parks will one day enable the Woodruff School to sustain an ever-growing and passionate GT Motorsports team."

"The Athletic Association is trying to make sure that Georgia Tech baseball will always have the facilities that we need to succeed long-term. Knowing that the total amount of my gift would be doubled, there was no hesitation."