Impact of Giving

Whether you support qualified students through need-based scholarships, research that leads to life-saving cancer treatments, or the construction of world-class facilities like the G. Wayne Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons, your gift is making a real difference in the lives of real people.

Georgia Tech and Hyundai Motor Company recently announced a multidecade partnership as part of Hyundai's investments in the state of Georgia.

"At The Coca-Cola Foundation, we are confident that this investment will create lasting impact in the lives of students and their communities, fostering a brighter future for all involved."

Bryant appreciates how the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry does an excellent job of educating and connecting people in the field. Because of this, Bryant and his wife, Anne, directed endowed support to the School.

"The Center is dedicated to building collaboration across sectors, including nonprofits, universities, startups, and corporations, and aims to bring greater awareness to entrepreneurs as an integral part of the local economy."

"Tech has cool programs where they think about how you apply these skills to the real world, and that's something that makes me want to keep giving back to Georgia Tech."

The Georgia Institute of Technology is furthering its commitment to enrolling talented Georgia students from low-income families by expanding the G. Wayne Clough Georgia Tech Promise Program to include even more students with financial need.

"The proposal works with transformation, reflection, mosaics, networks, and tension to create a piece that highlights both the individual and the movement."

The H. Bruce McEver Chair in Archaeological Science and Technology establishes a first-time presence for Georgia Tech in working to develop and apply new technologies to advance the field of archeological science.

"I believe in investing in people, in the intersection of technology and business, and in Georgia Tech. My intent is to benefit bright students, women athletes, and future Tech entrepreneurs."

"Jim Pope’s fellowship program will allow us to attract the best of our faculty and train them in entrepreneurial methodologies and curriculum.”

"This is a particularly exciting gift, as it will impact the areas of health and medicine in ISyE and BME, expanding the level of expertise and creating an increased synergy between the two disciplines.”

“Endowed chairs are foundational to building a strong faculty.”

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