Haylee Bachman and Aaron Lifland talking in the Optical Microscopy Core of the EB building

The Engineered Biosystems Building includes facilities designed to be used by multiple research groups. Shown in the Optical Microscopy Core are Haylee Bachman and Aaron Lifland.

Colleges and Schools

Research and Teaching. People and Ideas. Facilities and Special Initiatives. All are integral to Georgia Tech's past successes and the key to its extraordinary vision for the future. Philanthropic support is fundamental to the Institute's capacity for leadership in engineering, the sciences, computing, business, architecture, and the liberal arts.

Support college and school academics, facilities, scholarships, or research:

Design students working on a project at a desk together


The College of Design offers an expansive learning experience that supports the entire spectrum of the design and building industry, with degree programs in architecture, building construction, city and regional planning, and industrial design.

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A well-dressed business student presenting his project


The Scheller College of Business combines excellence in the functional areas of business education with a multidisciplinary focus on technology, international business, and entrepreneurial processes.

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A man demonstrating his smart glasse


The College of Computing is a national leader in the creation of real-world computing breakthroughs that drive social and scientific progress — changing the future of how we live, work, and play.

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Two engineers looking at a computer on a rooftop


As the largest engineering college in the United States, Georgia Tech's College of Engineering is a world-class leader in technological education, research, and service. 

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Ian Bogost expressively describing his work

Liberal Arts

The mission of the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts is to take the Institute's core programs in science and technology and tie them to the central questions in the humanities and social sciences.

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A sciences student with a magnifying glass


The sciences are a cornerstone of research and teaching at Georgia Tech, and faculty and students in the College of Sciences are at the forefront of making new discoveries, creating new knowledge, and driving economic development.

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